BC First Nations Wellness Champion: Stacie Coutlee

​​​Jul​ 2​, 2020


​Stacie is from Upper Nicola Band.
She is the daughter of
Jake and Monica Coutlee.
She is also a mother of two sons,
Jaimin and Evan Casimir.

​As a survivor of trauma, Stacie developed an unhealthy relationship with food when she was young.

Her anxiety also affected her breathing. 

Using food as a coping mechanism, Stacie gained weight and faced frequent bullying. 

​But her healing journey shifted in her 40s.

In 2010, Stacie took control of her wellness through fitness and healthy eating. She lost more than 80lbs.

​She then played in the World Masters Games Softball twice!

Competing in Italy in 2013 and New Zealand in 2017.

​In 2016, at the age of 48, Stacie experienced an emotional transformation.

With new confidence, she chose to compete in a body-building competition.

​She started a 20-week training program for the competition.

She worked out seven days a week, including five days of weight training and daily cardio.

“I almost QUIT. Considering the commitment, I was under heavy stress and due to the steep learning curve. Due to lack of knowledge, meal prep took close to eight hours per one day a week. Through perseverance, I mastered the process within a two-hour timeframe.”

More than 200 hours of training and dedication later, Stacie was ready to compete.

“After being bullied for my weight … I never thought I would stand in front of an audience and judges, all to be judged.“

​In 2017, Stacie continued her fitness journey and became a trained yoga teacher. She had been practising yoga for two and a half years.
“This training helped me to learn about myself along with helping others.”

​After becoming certified, Stacie partnered with a Yoga Therapist to facilitate “Yoga for Trauma," an eight-week program offered to Indigenous communities. 

​This was an opportunity to use her learning to help others understand their trauma from a new lens.
“Sharing my own story of trauma, I am able to help others.”

In 2018, Stacie reached another milestone when she began her MBA program, which she is set to complete in 2021.

​After graduating, Stacie plans to become a personal trainer and to compete in her second body-building competition.

​“I love helping people heal and transform."

Thank you, Stacie, for sharing your journey.

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