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“We hold up the many dedicated data collectors, field supervisors, coordinators and community champions who worked tirelessly to ensure that First Nations voices were heard." (Survey Team Meeting Members)

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​​​​First Nations Health ​Survey

The First Nations Regional Health Survey is a part of a national health survey conducted by and for First Nations. ​It captures a snapshot of the health and wellness of First Nations peoples living in community across Canada​. ​The FNHA is responsible for gathering and sharing the knowledge from the survey in BC on behalf of First Nations in BC.

The survey is unique because of the way i​n which it has integrated First Nations approaches. Some examples of this are:

  • consent to participate in the survey must first come from community leadership
  • the survey was mandated by the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs in 1996, meaning that this is a survey asked for by First Nations
  • collection of data is driven by champions in community like Councilors and Health Directors
  • community members are hired to support data collection, creating opportunities within communities

For the first time ever, regional-level reports will be returned to communities in addition to a provincial-level report. This is exciting because it has allowed the FNHA to make the results more relevant to each region and reach more people and communities than ever before.

Three phases of the survey have been conducted with First Nations in BC: Phase One (2002– 2003), Phase Two (2008–2010) and Phase Three (2015–2017). The FNHA has also committed to Phase Four, with data collection planned for 2023.​

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