​​​In order to be eligible for Health Benefits, individuals must be:

• A registered “Indian” as defined by the Indian Act, or the infant of an eligible parent; and 
A resident of British Columbia. 

To register for “Indian Status” visit the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) website.

Residents of British Columbia are people who:

• Are Canadian citizens or permanent residents,
• Make their home in BC, and
• Are physically present in BC at least six months in a calendar year.

Individuals are not eligible for Health Benefits if they are already covered by another third-party health insurance provided by the Federal Government or by a First Nations organization as part of a funding agreement.


Enrollment with Health Benefits is not automatic. Individuals who are eligible for Health Benefits should enroll in the program to access their various benefits. Confirming enrollment is especially important for individuals who have recently:

• Moved to BC; 
• Turned 19;
• Married or divorced; or
• Had an employer pay MSP premiums on their behalf.

Clients who would like to confirm whether they are enrolled, or who need to register with Health Benefits for the first time, should have their status number ready and call Health Benefits at 1-855-550-5454

Clients who need to register with Health Benefits for the first time may need the Enrollment Application for Group Benefits form​.

Infant Enrollment

First Nations infants up to 18 months are eligible for Health Benefits, as long as at least one parent meets the Health Benefits eligibility criteria. To register an infant under an eligible parent, clients should submit the following documents to Health Benefits by mail or fax:

• A copy of the infant’s birth certificate; and

After 18 months, the infant will no longer be covered under the eligible parent and will need to be registered with Health Benefits under their own status number. To register an infant for Health Benefits under their own account clients must:

• Register the infant for Indian Status at a local band office or with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC); and
• Once “Temporary Confirmation of Registration” is received, call Health Benefits at 1-855-550-5454 with the child’s new status number to complete the registration process.

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