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About S​​pirit

Spirit Magazine was an FNHA quarterly magazine that focused on sharing the First Nations inspirational journey of health through wellness. 

The magazine shared success stories and new ideas and offered helpful tools and tips for staying well.

Issu​es at a Glance

Article List by Issue

The Women's Issue (June 2015) 

  • Have Your Say: Name a Female Role Model in Your Life, and Tell Us Why She is Your Health Hero
  • Welcome to the Women's Issue of Spirit Magazine
  • An Interview with Madeleine Kētēskwew Dion Stout: Ancient Woman/Child with an Ancient Spirit
  • Respecting Tobacco: Smokestack Sandra's Quitting Journey – Cate Korinth
  • Starting Young: Supporting Adolescent Women in Their Wellness and Self-Esteem – Lydia Hwitsum
  • Highway of Hope: Addressing Women's Safety and Transportation in the North – Trevor Kehoe
  • Managing Migraines – Amelia Nezil
  • Maternal Wisdom: Carrier Family Midwifery: Josephine West's Story – Rhoda Hallgren
  • Melanie Mark Q&A –Trevor Kehoe
  • Maternal Wisdom: FAQ with a Doula! – Danielle Harkey
  • Keeping the Connection: Custody and Corrections – Anita Christoff
  • Maternal Wisdom: Midwives: Caring for Mothers – Evelyn Harney
  • Reproductive Wisdom – Rachel Bach
  • Aunty Bambie's Blog
  • Maternal Wisdom: Maternal Child Health Through a Traditional Lens – Danielle Harkey
  • Health and Wellness: Women & Wine: Not a Good Combination After All – Dr. Nataliya Skuridinah
  • Interview: RoleModelling: Joleen Alicia Mitton, of the Sawridge Cree Nation, finds a new purpose – Michael Bell
  • Empowering Indigenous Girls and Women Through Sports – Jordie Johnson
  • The Savvy Woman's Guide to Landing (and Rocking) Your Dream Job! – Amelia Nezil, Naseam Ahmadi, Brenna Latimer, Cheryl Casimer
  • Safe Places Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House – Catherine Atyeo
  • Hepatitis C 101
  • Culture: “You Will Hear These Songs Echo Long After We Are Gone" A Prayer to Celebrate Our Sulsalewh – William Arnold White, Snuneymuxw
  • Health and Wellness: Hard Work and Community Support Pay Off! The Healthy Journey of Musqueam – Jordie Johnson
  • Resource Listings: Women's Health & Wellness Resources
  • Spirit Photo Gallery: June 21 Day of Wellness 2015


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