Your Privacy

FNHA is Committed to Caring for Your Personal Information

Protecting your privacy is our priority, and all of your records are kept strictly confidential.

Every individual treated at one of our facilities has a health record that contains documents such as reports from care providers, test results and pharmacy information. Clients of the First Nations Health Benefits program have a record held by the Health Benefits team in order to process claims.

We collect, use and disclose your information only where permitted or authorized to under the BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). 

Learn more about how we protect your privacy: Personal Information Privacy Policy

Who can access my information and how is it used?

For the purpose of delivering health services, or processing health benefits claims, only our authorized health professionals and Health Benefits staff may collect, use and share your personal information. They may use and sh​are your information for the following purposes:

  • For your immediate and ongoing care
  • To maintain contact with you
  • To help improve your quality of care and services
  • To assess, validate, and adjudicate the health benefits claims
  • For research purposes, if authorized and permitted by law
  • For teaching and education purposes (e.g. training doctors and nurses)
  • To understand your eligibility for benefits and services and to arrange payment
  • To create an electronic patient and or client record

Your personal information may also be disclosed to other authorized individuals as required by law (e.g. to respond to a court order) or under a specific statute (e.g. the Coroner's Act or Adult Guardianship Act).

Is my information secure?

The security of your information is important to both you and us—we use a variety of safeguards to protect your electronic information including encryption, passwords and access audits. The more sensitive the information, the more protected it is.​

How do I request for my medical records?

Visit the Request Health Records and Health Benefits Records page for more information about your health records and health benefits claims records.


Information Privacy Office​

If you have questions about our privacy policy at FNHA, please contact the Information Privacy Office.

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