Pharmacy Providers

Items Covered
Transitional Cover​​age Request Form
Help Enroll C​​lients ​​​in Plan W
Assisting Clients Outs​ide of BC

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Items Covered

You can see which items are covered under the pharmacy benefit and which require approval, by using the PharmaCare Formulary Search, or Pacific Blue Cross ProviderNet.

You can also review these Pharmacy Providers' Quick Links for resources to support the delivery of services to Health Benefits clients.

Transition Payment Request F​orm

The Health Benefits’ Transition​ Payment Request Form permits a one-time fill per drug per patient, if appropriate. Pharmacists will be reimbursed $10 in addition to the usual drug cost plus dispensing.

Help Enroll C​​lients in Plan W

To enroll Health Benefits clients with Plan W, or to update client information, use the MSP Registration Form and the MSP Change Request Form. FNHA encourages pharmacy providers to help enroll Health Benefits clients into Plan W, which will ensure that clients have the most comprehensive benefit coverage available. Pharmacy providers who submit an MSP Registration Form for an eligible Health Benefits client who is not yet enrolled in Plan W will be paid a $10 MSP Enrolment Service Fee. 

Assisting Clients Outs​ide of BC

If you are assisting a Health Benefits client who is temporarily outside of BC, please see the fact sheet Assisting Health Benefits Clients Outside of BC.

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