Medical Transportation Meal Rates to Increase October 1



First Nations Health Benefits (FNHB) is increasing meal rates for clients using the Medical Transportation (MT) benefit. The change goes into effect on October 1, 2021. 

The MT benefit provides supplemental coverage for transportation, accommodation and meals to clients who need to access medically-necessary health services that are not available in their communities of residence. 

The new rates support more healthy food options while traveling for medical appointments. 

  • Day Trip Rate for same-day trips lasting more than 6 hours: new rate: $15.10 (unchanged from current rate)
  • Overnight Rate for overnight trips up to 6 nights duration for clients who are 5 years and older: new rate: $60.00 (previous rate: $53.10)  
  • Overnight Rate for overnight trips up to 6 nights duration for clients 4 years old and under: new rate: $25.00 (unchanged from current rate)
  • Weekly Rate for overnight trips of 7 nights or more (including escorts): new rate: $236.00 (previous rate: $222.20)                ​

New Rate Eligibility for Children

FNHB has lowered the age for children to qualify for the MT adult meal rate. Children ages five and over are now entitled to the full adult meal rate. Prior to the change, children over the age of nine qualified for the adult meal rate.

The Day Trip meal rate for same-day trips lasting more than six hours remains unchanged at $15.10 and the Overnight Rate for trips up to six nights in duration for clients under four years of age remains unchanged at $25. 

This will be the second meal rate increase of 2021. The previous increase came into effect on Jan 1. Together, they represent investments of approximately $2 million in annual meal benefits. ​These changes bring FNHB on par with meal rates provided through the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits program. ​

Medical Transportation Transformation Project

Meal rate increases are part of a multi-year initiative to improve and transform the MT program. The project vision is to support First Nations in BC in their health and wellness journeys by improving access to health services that are outside their communities of residence, while ensuring sustainability of the program. For more information about the MT Project, please email

The FNHA invites clients who have questions about MT coverage to speak to their Patient Travel administrator or contact FNHB at 1.855.550.5454 or​

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