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Our Regio​​ns 

Find out more about our five regions, including demographics, communities, health organizations, our engagement process and how to get involved:

Fraser Salish Region
Interior Region
North Region
Vancouver Coastal Region
Vancouver Island Region

Living Markers

Young Living Markers, representing the five health regions across BC, at Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey VI 

The Living Markers, because our elders here have said we don't usually put a name on something that is not alive, like a building. When there is something significant that has happened, we would choose young people to be a living marker for that.

The transfer of health responsibility at this time is a big thing in First Nations history.

So those young people would be the living markers. They would have to say how old they are. They tell all the people. This is the age today. Then, we mark this event by their age. So, if they are 25, and when they turn 50, we will know we have had health transfer for 25 years.

So there is responsibility that comes with being corner posts and living markers. They continue to be the ambassadors, they continue to be the stewards of the work, they would have these responsibilities.

–Willie Charlie, Sts'ailes First Nation

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