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The territorial land base in the Vancouver Coastal Region as defined by BC Regional Health Authority boundaries is 53,426 km squared, 5.8% of the total land base. For the purposes of this profile, the administrative geographic boundaries of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) are used but there are First Nations communities included in the Vancouver Coastal Region for First Nations health planning purposes that may lie outside these geographic boundaries.

Regional Caucus

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Regional Health and Wellness Plan

The iRHWP defines priority goals and actions at the regional level and to inform the work of the FNHA and VCH as health partners to First Nations in the region. This is a living document. It will be updated and changed regularly through sub-regional engagement. It will help to inform and guide investments at the regional level through the FNHA regional envelope as well as VCH discretionary funding. In addition, the iRHWP will inform and foster systems transformation in First Nations health governance.

Read the 2016-2021 Vancouver Coastal Regional Health and Wellness Plan (PDF)

Read the 2022​-2027 Vancouver Coastal Regional Health and Wellness Plan​ (PDF)​

Vancouver Coastal Caucus Presentations - Spring 2019

Day 1

Day 2

Vancouver Coastal Caucus Presentations - Spring 2018

Vancouver Coastal Region Update

Discussion Paper - Ten-Year Determinants of Health Strategy

Vancouver Coastal Region Report on the Social Determinants of Health

Vancouver Coastal Caucus Presentations - Fall 2017

Regional Update

Annual Report

FNHC Progress Report - Social Determinants of Health Strategy

FNHDA Transition to New Societies Act

Health Emergency Management at FNHA

Ministry of Children & Family Development - Indigenous Early Years

Partnership Guidance on a Service Framework for MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health

Emergency Management Services Agreement - EMBC

First Nations Child and Family Services Program Reform

Ministry of Children & Family Development - Multi-Year Action Plan

Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions - Building a True Partnership to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing Together

QQS Projects Society

Vancouver Coastal Caucus Presentations - Spring 2017

Vancouver Coastal Caucus Presentations - Fall 2016

Regional Caucus FNHA and Vancouver Coastal Update Presentation

Regional Caucus FNHA Board Annual Report Presentation

Vancouver Coastal Caucus Presentations - Fall 2015

Regional Caucus Team Update Presentation

Regional Caucus FNHA Update Presentation

Regional Caucus FNHA Board Annual Report Presentation

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Presentation

FNHA Regional Branding Presentation

BC Coroners Presentation

Vancouver Coastal Fall 2015 Newsletter

Vancouver Coastal Caucus meetings - Fall 2014

October 22 Caucus Presentations:

Celebrating Community Wellness Panel

Our Transformation and Regional Foundation - Richard Jock

Electronic Medical Records Telehealth - Joseph Mendez

FNHA Health Benefits - John Mah

FNHA Crisis Response Panel

FNHA Annual Report - Lydia Hwitsum and Jason Calla

October 23 Presentations:

Interim Regional Health Wellness Plan Update

Partnership Accord Implementation and Regional Update

Regional Caucus Terms of Reference Review  - James Rankin

Joint Project Board - Richard Jock & Shannon McDonald

FNHA & VCH Primary Care Models - Mara Andrews

FNHDA Regional Caucus Presentation - Keith Marshall

FNHC Chair Update - Ernest Armann



The table below provides estimates of the First Nations population living in Vancouver Coastal Region using different data sources, including the 2011 Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)'s Indian Registry, the 2006 Census and the 2011 Census (see Sidebar for more information on these data sources). According to INAC 2011 data, the First Nations population in Vancouver Coastal Region is close to 16,000, representing 12.1% of the First Nations population in BC. 

Vancouver Coastal Region Status First Nation Population Estimates, 2006 and 2011

2011  (Total pop)




Census 2006

(On-reserve and Off-reserve)

Census 2011


Total BC132,68761,37471,313110,54575,255

Sources: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and Census, Statistics Canada

First Nations Communities

Central Coast
Southern Stl'atl'imx
South Coast

Umbrella Health Organisations in Vancouver Coastal Region

Umbrella health organisations can be defined as an organisation that coordinates the activities of a number of member organisations and hence promotes a common purpose. The organisations in the following table receive funding from the First Nations and Inuit Health BC Region.

Umbrella Health Organisations Communities Covered in Umbrella Health Organisation

1. Southern Stl'atl'imx Health Society





Vancouver Coastal Partnership Accord offers integrated, culturally competent and effective First Nations health plan


May 15, 2012

COAST SALISH TERRITORY (Vancouver, BC) - The Vancouver Coastal Regional Caucus, interim First Nations Health Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) have announced signing of the historic Vancouver Coastal Partnership Accord creating a new path to improving health outcomes, programs, and services for First Nations in the Vancouver Coastal region.

“This marks the beginning for us to improve services, foster meaningful collaboration and partnership through Community-Driven Nation-Based engagement, and increase First Nation involvement in decision making,” said Ernest Armann of the Vancouver Coastal Regional Caucus. “I am excited the Partnership Accord has been reached and I look forward to an evolving and enduring partnership in support of First Nations health and wellness in the Vancouver Coastal Region.”

The Accord sets the goal of attaining significant improvements in health outcomes by achieving a higher level of integration through joint planning and engagement, a focus on accountability and evaluation, and providing culturally appropriate, safe and effective services. It acknowledges the diversity in size and traditions of Coastal First Nations, the rights of each First Nation to govern their own affairs, and the rights of VCH to govern its health services delivery area.

“Vancouver Coastal Health is committed to improving the health of First Nations and Aboriginal people and this can only be done in partnership with the community,” said Dr. David Ostrow, President & CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health. “The Partnership Accord will strengthen the relationship we have with First Nations and will foster greater self-determination for First Nations communities over their health care. We look forward to finding creative solutions and approaches as we embark on this new relationship.”

Specific initiatives include:
• The establishment of an Aboriginal Health Steering Committee as a forum for partnership, collaboration, and joint efforts on First Nation and Aboriginal health priorities, policies, budgets, programs and services in the Vancouver Coastal region. 
• The development of an Urban Health Strategy that gives First Nations and Aboriginals a voice in the design of culturally relevant services and offers VCH guidelines and policies to incorporate specific traditional protocols and practices in the entire organization with the goal of supporting and improving services.​ 
• The creation of a strategic Aboriginal Health and Wellness Plan for the Vancouver Coastal region with concrete milestones and deliverables.

The Accord builds on several key documents and agreements on First Nations health, including the Transformative Change Accord: First Nations Health Plan, Tripartite First Nations Health Plan, Consensus Paper 2011: British Columbia First Nations Perspectives on a New Health Governance Arrangement, and the British Columbia Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nation Health Governance.

“The Vancouver Coastal region is one of the most diverse in its health care needs and challenges for First Nations people, including rural and remote communities, urban First Nations communities and the away-from-home population,” said Joe Gallagher, CEO of the interim First Nations Health Authority. “This Accord will bring all parties to the table to develop and implement innovations and solutions that work for everyone and improve the health and well-being of all residents of the region.”

VCH is responsible for the delivery of $3.2 billion in community, hospital and residential care to more than one million people in communities including Richmond, Vancouver, the North Shore, Sunshine Coast, Sea to Sky corridor, Powell River, Bella Bella and Bella Coola.

The Vancouver Coastal Regional Caucus is composed and representative of Vancouver Coastal First Nations and serves as the regional planning and engagement forum for First Nations health in the region through the interim First Nations Health Authority.

Download a PDF copy of the Vancouver Coastal Partnership Accord: 


For more information on the Vancouver Coastal Region, please contact:

FNHA Vanco​uver Coastal Region Communications​​

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