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Northern Region Caucus

The spring 2022 Northern Region Caucus will be held in Prince George from May 9 to 12. 



The territorial land base in the Northern Region, as defined by BC Regional Health Authority boundaries is 592,116 km squared, 64.0 percent of the total land base. For the purposes of this profile, the administrative geographic boundaries of the Northern Health Authority (NHA) are used but, there are First Nations communities included in the Northern Region for First Nations health planning purposes that may lie outside these geographic boundaries.


The Northern Region is divided into three sub-regions: North Central, Northeast and Northwest. 


The Northern Region newsletter, NORTH, is published 10 times a year. We skip December and combine July and August, when everyone is busy with holidays and cultural events (maybe even a vacation!).

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Terms of Reference

Partnership Accord

  • Northern Partnership Accord – First Nations Health Council: North Regional Health Caucus and Northern Health Authority (Northern Health) and Interim First Nations Health Authority – May 2012 

Health and Wellness Plan

Caucus R​eports and Communiques Archive







First Nat​ions Com​​munity Edu​​ca​tion Program

The First Nations Community Education Program in the Northern Medical Program at UNBC (University of Northern British Columbia) offers an opportunity for MD undergraduate students to be immersed in a northern BC First Nations community.

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