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Welcome to the largest of the FNHA's five regions: the North! It's even bigger than ​​France in size.

Click the image below to find a video that showcases the land we love and learn about how the 62 communities in the northern region inform our health care delivery through our governance structure.


Click on image to view video (6 min.)​​​

The No​​​rthern Region is divided into three sub-regions: North Central, Northeast and Northwest. ​​

What We ​​Do


Our team works hard on behalf of all First Nations in our region. Here are our department​​s:

  • Operati​ons
  • Information Ma​​nagement and Information Technology
  • Communications​​
  • Regional Funding, Projects
  • Cultural Safety and Humility
  • Planning Researc​​h and Evaluation
  • Aboriginal Head Start​ on Reserve
  • Mental Wellness an​d Substance Use
  • Health Emergency a​nd Crisis Management
  • Environmental Pu​blic Health Services
  • Engagement a​nd Governance
  • Primary​ Care
  • Nursing an​d Nutrition

Get to Know Us​​​


​​​Read about the latest news happening in the region:

Northern Newsletter and Magazine

Below you will find an archive of the FNHA's eZine, NORTH. Browse through the issues below. We hope you enjoy seeing life in our northern region!


Read it online here​!

 Our Latest Activities


 Partnership Accord

Northern Partnership Accord​ - First Nations Health Council, Northe​rn Health Authority (Northern Health) and First Nations Health Authority (2022)​

 Health and Wellness Plan

Northern First Nations Health and Wellness Plan (2013)​

Implementing Our Health and Wellness Plan: An Overview – Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee (2014​​)

​Find out how the North lived through the COVID-19 pandemic by watching the film The Northern Response​​​​​​​​.​

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