​​FNHA policies are guided by, and consistent with, our Vision, Mission and Values, and 7 Directives. Corporate policy is intended to provide guidance to our team members and to support decision-making in specific circumstances. FNHA policies are consistent with the BC So​cieties Act and subject to the Personal Information Prote​​ction Act.

Board​ Pol​icies

The purpose of the Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy is to set our accountabilities and a framework for disclosing and preventing conflicts of interest so that the personal interests of FNHA Directors do not conflict with the interests of the FNHA. The FNHA expects the highest standards of conduct from its Directors and views such conduct as paramount in developing and maintaining the public's trust and confidence in the FNHA. Directors are expected to generally exhibit these qualities and values within their daily activities as they relate to FNHA business.

Corporate Infor​​mation

The Access to Corporate Information Policy governs how and under what circumstances the FNHA may disclose client and corporate information.

​​​Privacy Policy

The Privac​y Policy​ governs how the FNHA collects, stewards, and protects client and corporate information.

Respectful Workplace

The purpose of Respectful Workplace Policy is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, in which all individuals treat each other with kindness and respect.

Safe Rep​orting

The Safe Reporting Policy (Whistleblower) allows individuals to bring forward information, in good faith, concerning allegations of wrongdoing without fear of reprisal or retaliation. The policy supports anyone in confidentially and anonymously reporting – without fear of reprisal, harassment or retaliation – a known or suspected case of wrongdoing by FNHA staff, contractors, Board Members or anyone who is authorized to access FNHA information or equipment.

Examples of wrongdoing can include fraud, theft, unethical conduct or misconduct, unauthorized use or misuse of funds or resources, illegal activity or conflict of interest.

Whistle blowing reporting does not take the place of FNHA's existing reporting and complaints structures such as the Quality Office, professional practice processes or workplace safety reporting.

You can report a case of wrongdoing to FNHA any time by phone or by email. Your reporting will be received in good faith and treated confidentially.