Wellness and the First Nations Health Authority

The First Nations Health Authority is a Health & Wellness partner to each and every First Nations person living in BC. The FNHA has developed a wellness approach to frame our wellness initiatives. This approach has 3 main parts.


1. Wellness Champions

We believe that Wellness begins with us: each person is a Champion of Wellness with circles of influence through our connections in family, in work, and in our own communities. In these spheres, we can lead by example, walk the talk and demonstrate wellness leadership. We champion wellness by sharing the history of First Nations wellness, sharing our own stories, persisting through setbacks and shifting focus from Illness to Wellness.


2. Partnership

The FNHA is your Health and Wellness Partner: through providing Education, Tools and Initiatives, we support you in your Wellness journeys. The FNHA drives wellness by supporting Communities in developing their own health and wellness plans and then providing them health literacy support, resources, tools, and supporting them with communications and initiatives. The FNHA Perspective on Wellness aims to provide a visual depiction of the First Nations holistic vision of wellness.


3. Living It!

FNHA’s Wellness Approach champions our Wellness by Living It! We believe in leading by example, “Walking the Talk”, and recognizing each of our responsibilities to influence and reinforce wellness in those around us. Living it! recognizes that wellness starts with individuals who then influence their families, who then influence their communities, who in turn influence their regions. Similarly, within the FNHA, we encourage and support employees to practice Wellness on a daily basis. The FNHA hosts Wellness Initiatives that include Individual Wellness, Departmental Wellness, and Organizational Wellness with the opportunity to grow and evolve as we continue to develop. In this way, individuals living their wellness influence their teams, who in turn influence the entire organization. 

Learn about the First Nations Perspective on Wellness

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