Featured Staff

​Learn more about our past and present featured staff and their important work at FNHA

​​​ krista-joseph-thumbnail.jpg​​​​​Krista Joseph​, Senior Advisor, Cultural Safety and Humility, Vancouver Island​ • More


Kate Hodgson, Nursing Practice Consultant, Substance Use and Addictions​ • Mo​r​e​ 

Suzanna Ho, Suzanna Ho, Director of Provincial and Clinical Quality ​• Mo​r​e​​ 

Amber-Froste-t.jpg Amber Froste, Community Health Nurse • M​or​e​


Lorraine Mundy, Health Benefits Assessor, Medical Transportation • More 

Laura-Schreiber-t.jpg Laura Schreiber, Nurse In Charge, Nursing Services • More 

Barbara-Webster-t.jpgBarbara Webster, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Maternal, Child and Family Health • More

Susanna-Hale-t.jpgSusanne Hale, Health Programs Officer, Nursing Services • More 

Pamela Crema, Regional Nurse Manager • More 

Anita-Finney-t.jpgAnita Finney, Program Officer for Finance • More 

Jean-Allbeury-t.jpg Jean Allbeury, eHealth Planner • More 

Owen-Prince-t.jpgOwen Prince, Administrative Assistant, Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program • More 

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