What Do They Do?: Anita Finney

This week we profile Anita Finney, Program Officer for Finance. Anita has worked in the health field since 2009, serving first with the FNHC.

What do you do on any given day?

As a Program Officer, Anita is responsible for assisting the Regional Environmental Health Officers by ensuring that all contribution agreements and funding arrangements related to Drinking Water Safety are in place with over 100 First Nations communities in BC.

Anita communicates and coordinates the Community Based Water Monitoring Training Program, which has direct impact on water quality in each of the 100 communities. She is also involved in the rebranding and updating of all brochures and materials related to the program.

What does you mother think you do?

"I'm not really sure, but I do know that my mother is really proud of me. She is involved in community work in Xaxli'p and, along with my sister, they provide dedicated family support services to families in crisis. She is happy that in my job I am also "helping community" but at a different level.

What do you like best about working at FNHA?

Everything! When every dream you have had, those future thinkings and imaginations about your work and life, are brought together, there is a "wholeness" and that feeds and nurtures my Spirit. It's an amazing feeling to know that at FNHA you can take the dreams and ideas for program improvement and implement them to make programs the best they can be.