Leadership Statement

​​​FNHA Leadership Statement poster detail

​​Our purpose is to execute the vision of our leadership in the First Nations health governance structure. We work together, not apart, to improve the quality of services for better health outcomes. We seek partners internally and externally because we are better together.​

We listen and take our cue from community to best understand and support local decision-making. We do with and not for, because we are true partners in health and wellness. What happens to communities and people we serve happens to us—we care for and respect one another. What happens to us happens to community and people we serve—we strive for excellence and believe First Nations deserve the best we have to offer.

We are all leaders in this work, guided by our past experience, our current awareness and our future vision. We respect knowledge and evidence in many forms, are open to new ideas and opportunities, and centre cultural teachings and practice at the core of our work.

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