FNHA Overview

​About the ​​​FNHA

The FNHA is the health and wellness partner to over 200 diverse First Nations communities and citizens across BC.​

In 2013, the FNHA began a new era in BC First Nations health governance and health care delivery by taking responsibility for the programs and services formerly delivered by Health Canada. Since then the FNHA has been working to address service gaps through new partnerships, closer collaboration, health systems innovation, reform and redesign of health programs and services for individuals, families, communities and Nations.

The FNHA is also a champion of culturally safe practices throughout the broader health care system. Taking a leadership role, the FNHA actively works with its health partners to embed cultural safety and humility into health service delivery and improve health outcomes for First Nations people.

Our Ser​vices

The FNHA’s community-based services are largely focused on health promotion and disease prevention and include:

  • primary health care through more than 130 medical health centres and nursing stations
  • children, youth and maternal health
  • mental health and wellness
  • communicable disease control
  • environmental health and research
  • health benefits
  • e-health and telehealth
  • health and wellness planning
  • health infrastructure and human resources

Our ​​Operating Principles

FNHA-Operating-Principles.jpg Our Unique Gover​​ning Structure

The FNHA is part of a unique health governance structure that includes political representation and advocacy through the First Nations Health Council, and technical support and capacity development through the First Nations Health Directors Association. Collectively, this First Nations health governing structure works in partnership with BC First Nations to achieve our shared vision.

Our work does not replace the role or services of the Ministry of Health and Regional Health Authorities. The First Nations Health Authority will collaborate, coordinate, and integrate our respective health programs and services to achieve better health outcomes for BC First Nations.​​

To learn more about our governing structure and journey​, see the First Nations Health Governance Structure in BC.

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