Michelle Gregoire

​Michelle’s Message | Relax and Recharge | Practise Self-Compassion | Watch a “We Matter” Video (or Make Your Own!) | Ask Auntie!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Michelle’​​s Message

“To keep myself well during the pandemic I’m going a little easier on myself. I’m enjoying hobbies that normally I wouldn’t do because they’re not “productive”. This is the time to do those things – and recharge.” – Michelle

Michelle Gregoire is a member of Tahltan and Tlingit First Nations. During COVID-19, Michelle Gets Perspective.

Relax and Rech​​arge

As First Nations youth, we go through a lot and COVID-19 has created a lot of anxiety. When we’re anxious, it can be difficult to give ourselves a break and find a sense of calm. Find activities that help you relax, whatever that is for you. Michelle thinks that COVID is the right time to do it – and recharge!

Practise Self-C​ompassion

Michelle reminds us that it’s important to be compassionate with ourselves during these times. Remember that being kind to ourselves is way more helpful than being critical. We’re in a pandemic after all – let’s take it easy on ourselves! 

Watch a “We Ma​​tter” Video (or Make Your Own!)

Hear what your peers have to say about getting through tough times. Check out some vdeos from the We Matter campaign or download the Indigenous Youth Toolkit. The toolkit includes info on how to make your own video and a bunch of other supports. 

Ask Aun​​tie!

Ask Auntie Journey is an online wellness journey for people who identify as girls and who want to learn more about an Indigenous perspective on health, relationships, culture and what it means to be a strong Indigenous girl. Once you’ve completed your wellness journey, you’ll be invited to a rite of passage ceremony or another type of celebration to honour your journey and accomplishments.