FNHA expands coverage for Suboxone



Suboxone is a drug that can be used to help reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, which is a support for clients on their wellness journeys.  Suboxone and methadone are both medications that may be used for opioid substitution.

Previously, suboxone and its generic versions needed special approval to be covered by Health Benefits. Effective September 8, 2016, suboxone is an open benefit in BC, which means suboxone and its generic versions are now covered without special approval. 

FNHA clients on opioid substitution treatment are included in Health Canada's Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). The Prescription Monitoring Program  is intended to ensure that clients receiving suboxone or methadone are being prescribed safe and appropriate combinations of drugs.

If you have any questions, please contact First Nations Health Benefits at 1.800.317.7878

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