National Nursing Week Profile: Gayle McCue

May 8, 2019

A dream job realized


Gayle McCue, Remote Community Health Nurse, Kwadacha Nursing Station grew up watching North of 60 and her interest in nursing was inspired by the shows character, Sarah Birkett – a nurse who works at the Lynx River Health Centre. However, Gayle didn't always think she would become a nurse.

"I always wanted to be a farmer like my dad," says Gayle. "As I got older, I started noticing the good work that nurses do and from there my interest grew."

Gayle is from Northern Alberta and is Cree / Irish Metis. She has two grown sons, who she is extremely proud of. Gayle came to a cross-roads in her adult life and decided to take her future into her own hands, by pursuing a career in nursing. She went to UNBC as a mature student and has now been nursing for four years, one and a half years with FNHA she describes as her "dream job."

Kwadacha Nursing Station is a very busy clinic. Gayle's days are spent running through booked appointments, drops in's, case management and public health emergencies. She also does a lot of work in mental health at the clinic.

"I am constantly learning in this environment," Gayle says about her work days. "I love the autonomy I have to grow in my profession."

Relationship building, as a nurse in a Northern community, is an aspect of her work that Gayle views as a both an honour and a challenge. She recognizes the importance of the tightknit team at the clinic to be able to handle the everyday work load and build relationships.

"We are lucky to have such a dedicated doctor, Dr. Jeff Beselt, who certainly makes Kwadacha Nursing Station a stellar clinic!" exclaims Gayle. "Anne Timothy and Amy Burns (both share the Nurse in Charge, Remote Health Clinics role) also deserve a huge shout out for the work they do and team environment they have helped shape," continues Gayle.

Kwadacha is a two-nurse station, meaning Gayle is always on call, so she prioritizes self-care. She built a craft room in her nursing residence to aid in her self-care, and recently welcomed a new cat named Steven into her family! She works to stay connected with friends and family using all of the available technology. However, she is still a fan of using old fashioned snail mail to keep in touch!

Gayle is proud to be a member of the FNHA family and reflects on what it means to her,

"Resiliency, problem solving and a supportive environment help us to meet the demands of this important and challenging work.  We are healthcare groundbreakers on Turtle Island!"


Thank you, Gayle for all of your hard work!


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