Tl'azt'en Collects Old Meds for Disposal

by Emma Leon, Community Health Nurse, Tl'azt'en Health Centre

The Tl'azt'en Health Centre planned and completed a Medication Collection Day on March 7, 2019. Our collection day was a door-to-door event that included all three of the communities of the Tl'azt'en Nation (Tache, Binche and Middle River). The day started with filling 165 bags with a healthy meal, medication lockbox and sharps container. Each household visited was given a bag and medications were collected for safe disposal.


March is nutrition month, and in the spirit of promoting healthy eating,  the meal was comprised of a healthy spaghetti sauce recipe with a spaghetti squash – all ingredients along with instructions on how to cook the meal were included in the bag.

Our health centre staff split into teams of 2 and went door to door. The day consisted of visits in peoples' homes, discussions surrounding different health challenges community members are facing, opportunities to meet people who don't come to the health centre and overall relationship building.

Our team was received at 112 of the 165 homes in the Nation. We collected 110 lbs of medications to be safely disposed of.


We look forward to making this an annual event for the Tl'azt'en Nation.

(For information on funding for this see here.)

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