For BC First Nations Individuals

COVID-19 Vaccine
Prevention & Protection
Self-Isolation & Social Distancing
Testing & Symptoms
Medical Support
Mental Health
Substance Use & Harm Reduction
Children, Youth & Families

​​​​​​COVID-19 Vacc​​ine

Prevention & Pr​​​​​​​otection


A Gu​ide to COVID-19: Caring for Yourself and Your Loved Ones 
Act As If You Already Have COVID-19 
Protect yourself against C​​OVID-19​ ​
The Role of Public Health O​fficials 
Stay Strong. Stay the​ C​​ourse 


A Call for Kin​dness 
Lateral Kindness and Understanding 
Practise Lateral Kindness to Help Reduce Stigma and Fear of COVID-19

Flu Shots

The Flu Shot and CO​VID-19 

Rescue Breaths

Providing Rescue Breaths Is Still Safe 

Handwashing & Sanitizers

Which hand s​anitizers can I use for COVID-19? 
Washing your Hands 


Masks Are not Enough 
Face masks: Using Them and Making Your Own 
Hearing Aids and Masks​​ 
How to Wear Your Non-Medi​cal Mask 


Cleaning your Phone

Self-Isolation & ​Physical Distancing

Keep Your Bubble Small ​
Stay Connected with the FNHA 

Community Gatherings 
Sharing the Harvest during the Pandemic​ 

Fewer Faces, Wide-Open Spaces​ 
How Physical Distanci​ng​ Works 
Why Physical Distancing Is Im​portant 

​Do Not Enter Warning Sign for Homes​​ 

Test​​​ing & Sym​​​ptoms​

BC Government COVID-19 Ap​p & S​elf-Assessment Tool 
Have COVID-19 Symptoms? ​Call 8-1-1 Poster ​​​​
What to Do if You've Recieved a COVID-19 Positive Test Result 

Me​dical Support

Medical Transportation Service ​​​​
Virtual Doctor of the Day Service​

Mental Health & Wellness

 COVID-19 in BC is information for BC residents about COVID-19, including the latest restrictions

 Public Health Warning

​If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, please contact your primary care provider or local public health office or call 8-1-1.