COVID-19 Prevention & Protection

What You Need to Know
Prevention and Protection A–Z

​​​What You ​Need to K​​now

​A Gu​ide to COVID-19: Caring for Yourself and​ Your Loved Ones (FNHA guide, revised February​ 2021) – COVID-19: What You Need to Know, Prevention and Protection, Symptoms and Testing, Managing Illness and Self-Isolation, Medical Support, Mental Health and Wellness Supports, Resources and Support

Act As If You Already Have COVID-19 (podcast, 8.35 mins) – Dr. Nel Weiman, FNHA Deputy Chief Medical Officer 

Protect yourself against C​​OVID-19​ ​(fact sheet, revised February 2021)

The Role of Public Health O​fficials (video, 1.57 mins) – Dr. Evan Adams, Tla’amin First Nation

Prevention and Protection A–Z 


​​​​​​Keep Your B​aby Safe: Your Baby and COVID19 (Perinatal Services BC fact sheet)

Breastfeeding Your Infant During CO​VID-19​ (fact sheet | fact sheet​​)​ –​ Breast milk is our first traditional food and is the best option, It takes a community, Caring for your baby, Keeping breastfeeding supplies clean and safe, Caring for yourself​

Formula Feeding Your Infant During COVID-19​ (fact sheet | infographic​) – About formula feeding, Finding your preferred formula, Making your own formula, Breastfeeding and formula feeding, Keeping your baby safe, Making sure the formula is safe, clenaing baby bottles​

Docto​​​​r​​’​​s Visits

Should You Take Your Child to the Doctor During COVID-19? 

Hand Saniti​​z​​ers

Which hand s​anitizers can I use for COVID-19? 


Washing your Hands 


Masks Are not Enough 

Face masks: Using Them and Making Your Own 

Hearing Aids and Masks​​ 

How to Wear Your Non-Medi​cal Mask 


Cleaning your Phone

Sexual H​e​​ath

Contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted infection service​ 

Sex in the Time of COVID-19 

Substa​n​​c​​​e Use

Providing Rescue Breaths Is Still Safe 

Alcohol Dependency 

Smoking and Vaping 

 Be a COVID-19 #VaxChamp!

Justine Aleck, Stz’uminus First Nation, Takes the Pledge!

 Wanting to get vaccinated?

 Looking for BC government COVID-19 info?


 Been exposed or experiencing symptoms?

Contact y​​​​our primary care provider or local public health office or call 8 - 1 - 1(Ta​ke a self-assessment.)​ ​​