Cannabis and Driving



Driving after using Cannabis is risky and unsafe

Driving under the influence of cannabis or getting into a car with someone else who has been using cannabis is a bad idea. Someone driving under the influence of cannabis is more likely to have a car accident than if they hadn't used cannabis. It's important to know that it can take up to eight hours for the effects of cannabis to fully "wear off".


How does Cannabis impair a person's ability to drive?

When you drive a vehicle, you need to be alert and focused. Consuming even small amounts of cannabis affects your ability to react and increases your chance of being in an accident.


Cannabis impairs your ability to drive by:

• Affecting motor skills

• Slowing reaction time

• Impairing short-term memory and concentration

• Causing drivers to vary speed and to wander

• Reducing the ability to make decisions quickly or handle unexpected events, such as a pedestrian darting out onto the road or another driver slamming on the brakes



Make a plan ahead of time to get home safely

Our teachings guide us to consider our safety and the safety of our family and community members in what we do. The simple - yet often challenging - act of deciding not to drive after using cannabis protects us and the friends and family members who are often our passengers or elsewhere on the road.


By planning ahead, you are keeping yourself and the people you care about safe. Having a plan ahead of time means you'll feel a lot less pressured or tempted to drive while impaired or get into a car with someone who is high. You won't need to make that tough decision in the moment.


Here are some options to get home safely:

• Make sure you have a designated driver lined up before you go out to your party or event

• Call a friend or loved one to pick you up

• Take public transit

• Call a cab

• Stay over




Check out the "Good to Go?" App


Before you get into your vehicle, ask yourself, "Am I Good to Go?" If you had a little cannabis, had a couple of drinks, or feel emotionally upset and still think you can drive, the "Good to Go?" app will give you some straight answers. Download on the app store