Health and Wellness Planning

​​​​​​​​​​Coordinated Planning 

Coordinated planning is key to the success of the work ahead to improve the health and wellness of BC First Nations. The FNHA is leading or supporting planning processes at the organizational level (FNHA), as well as at regional and community levels. For the FNHA, this includes the annual Interim Health Plan (IHP) and the annual Summary Service Plan, which makes our goals and activities available to the public.  

Moving forward, it's the health and wellness priorities of the regions that will increasingly drive the work of the health governance partners (FNHC, FNHA, FNHDA and the Tripartite Committee on First Nations Health). BC First Nations have called for the development of Regional Health and Wellness Plans (RHWPs) to clearly identify their priorities. In early 2014, the five regions each developed interim RHWPs. These plans are evergreen – meaning that they will be continually updated.

It's all about transformation. This transformation starts with re-orienting the inherited Health Canada community health planning process to better meet the needs of BC First Nations. Over time, a new approach will reshape the current community health planning process into one focused on health and wellness. And it's these community plans that will directly inform the health and wellness plans developed at regional and provincial levels.

Community Health and Wellness Planning 

The FNHA is pleased to share the first edition of Health and Wellness Planning: A Toolkit for BC First Nations.


This Toolkit is part of the transformation of the FNHA health and wellness planning approach and is built on available engagement feedback received since 2012.

Inside the Toolkit, you will find tools, templates, community stories and other examples of wise practices, including:

• Health and Wellness Plan template (p. 65)

• Suite of Planning Tools (p. 90)

• Set of Planning, Reporting and Evaluation Standards (p. 24)

The purpose of the Toolkit is to:

• Support the development of Health and Wellness Plans;

• Introduce Planning, Reporting and Evaluation Standards based on our 7 Directives

• Share planning tools, templates, resources and stories; and

• Support our plans in First Nations health and wellness to speak to each other, enabling greater collaboration, co-ordination and quality of services.

How can this Toolkit be used?

This Toolkit is for those working through a health and wellness planning process, such as community/Nation Health Directors, leadership, staff, health organization staff or regions as well as other health and wellness partners and champions. The Toolkit is designed to support a flexible, community-driven, Nation-based approach to the development of Health and Wellness Plans. It can be adapted to suit a variety of needs, including applications at the community and Nation/family/sub-regional level.

As a partner in health and wellness, the FNHA is committed to supporting communities on their individual and collective health and wellness journeys.

For more information, please contact

Download the toolkit here (PDF 23 MB)   

Download a printable version of the toolkit here (PDF 23 MB​)   

Submitting a Community Health and Wellness Plan to the FNHA

Required health and wellness plan content includes:

1. Introduction

2. Health and Wellness Vision

3. Health and Wellness Context, Goals, Objectives and Initiatives

4. Budget

5. Health and Wellness Monitoring, Evaluation and Sharing Results

For sample contents, ideas and tips for each section, please see Health and Wellness Planning: A Toolkit for BC First Nations (p. 68-87). Completed plans can be submitted to​​


Health and Wellness Plan Template

This fillable tool is intended to support the planning process by providing an outline of the five sections of a Community Health and Wellness Plan.  You may wish to use this template when submitting your Community Health and Wellness Plan to the FNHA or use your own format.

Tips for submitting health and wellness plan content:

 ​You can submit separate documents, like budget spreadsheets or multimedia files (e.g., songs, images, etc.), as email attachments.

 If community-identified goals exceed the number of goals in the template, additional Goal/Objective/Initiative pages can be downloaded for use here.

If you require assistance in developing or submitting your plan, please contact

Download the templat​e here (PDF 18.8 MB)   

Joint Project Board 

The Joint BC First Nation and Ministry of Health Project Board (the Joint Project Board) brings together representatives from the BC Ministry of Health Services and the FNHA. The board's objectives are to: advance strategic priorities; overcome policy barriers; support priorities and initiatives of the regions; and support integration of the services and initiatives of the provincial government and FNHA.

One important result of the work of the board's work is the "Agreement in lieu of payment of the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Premiums on behalf of First Nations people resident in British Columbia" between the BC Ministry of Health Services and the FNHA. Through this agreement, money is available to fund and sustain primary care projects across the province.

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