Talk to a Doc

Dr. Terri Ald​red • Dr. Danièle Behn Smith • Dr. Kamran Golmohammadi • Dr. Kelsey Louie • Dr. Shannon McDonald • Dr. Helena Swinkels • Dr. Nel Wieman​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FNHA doctors answer common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine in short, informative videos. Browse the list of individual videos below or open the complete Talk to a Doc playlist on YouTube.

Dr. Terri Aldred

Does the COVID-19 ​vaccine affect pregnancy or fertility? (video, 53 secs)

Why do I need to get vaccinated if the vaccines aren't stopping the Delta variant?​ (video, 1.12 mins)

Dr. Danièle Behn S​mith

Should I get my child vaccinated? (video, 1.21 mins)

Do I have natural immunity if I already have COVID-19? (video, 1.05 mins)

How many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine do I need? Do I need a booster?​ (video, 1.35 mins)

Dr. Kamran Golmoha​mmadi

Can the vaccine change your DNA? (video, 55 secs)

Why did you get choose to get vaccinated? (video, 1.13 mins)

Dr. Kelsey L​​​ouie

If COVID-19 symptoms are mild for children, should we get them vaccinated? (video, 1.27 mins)

Why aren't more men getting vaccinated? (video, 1.26 mins)

Why did you choose to get vaccinated? (video, 1.12 mins)

Dr. Shan​non McDonald

Vaccines for your youngest children (video, 1.12 mins)

Wearing a mask is still effective (video, 1.25 mins)

The vaccines allow us to do the things we love (video, 1.21 mins)

Why you should ​get your booster dose (1.29 mins)

At-home testi​ng and self-reporting (video, 1.58 mins)

Five- to 11-year-olds need the booster, too (video, 55 secs)

Full vaccination means the booster, too (video, 1.06 mins)

Getting a booster is best (video, 1.04 mins)

Omicron and the myth of mildness (video, 1.28 mins)

Pandemic fatigue and the way forward​ (video, 2.01 mins)

What mask should I wear? (video, 1.58 mins)​

The vaccines were developed quickly. How can we be sure they're safe?  (video, 2.38 mins)

Why did you choose to get vaccinated? (video, 1.51 mins)

Dr. Helena Sw​inkels

If I've had COVID-19 before, do I still need the vaccine? (video, 57 secs)

Do I have to get both shots?​ (video, 1.48 mins)

Why did you choose to get vaccinated? (video, 53 secs)

Dr. Nel Wieman

Are there side effects for youth when receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? (video, 1.44 mins)

Can I have an allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccines? (video, 1.36 mins)

Why did you choose to get vaccinated? (video, 1.18 mins)

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 Wanting to get vaccinated?

Vis​it the BC's provincial COVID-19 vaccination website to register for a vaccination and get up-to-date information and help.


 Been exposed or experiencing symptoms?

Contact y​​​​our primary care provider or local public health office or call 811(Ta​ke a self-assessment.)​ ​​​