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CD Emergency Response Planning

COVID-19 Management

Harm Reduction

Health Care Facilities

Infection Prevention and Control

Nursing Practice

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)​​

​Regional Health Authorities Updates​

CD Emer​ge​​​​ncy​​​​ Resp​​​​onse Planning

​For help using these documents to update your existing community plan or create a new plan, please contact the FNHA CD Management Team. 

Toll-free phone: 1-844-364-2232 (option 3)

Communicable Disease Emergencies: Preparedness Plan (FNHA template and guide)

COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan: Operations Checklist (FNHA checklist)

Priority Community Members List​ (FNHA recording template)

COVID-19 M​​​a​​​na​​​​gement

BCCDC COVID-19 Care: The BCCDC COVID-19 Care website includes sections for health professionals (Clinical Care, Health Care Provider Support, Infection Control, Lab Testing, Public Health Management) as well as patient handouts, downloadable signage and posters, and detailed public health information.​​​ See also Data and Reports: Emerging Respiratory Viruses  

CD Management Resources: FNHA Regions (FNHA and Regional Health Authorities contact information)​​

Case Identification and Client Flow in Nursing Stations and Health Centres (COVID-19) (FNHA guidance, updated March 27​, 2020)​

Guidance for Nursing Stati​on​​s and Health Centres (COVID-19) (FNHA guidance)

Readiness ​Asse​ssment: Nursing Stations and Health Centres (COVID19) (FNHA assessment form)

Public Health Information (COVID-19) (FNHA PowerPoint presentation)

Reaching out to the public on COVID-19​​ (Message from Doctors of BC President)​​

Relat​ed Sites

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic (World Health Organization website)​

Interim national surveillance g​uidelines for human infection with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Interim national case definition: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (Public Health Agency of Canada)​​​​​

Harm​​ R​e​​​​d​​​uc​​​tion

The BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) COVID-19 website includes sections on risk mitigation and opioid agonist treatment

VCH COVID-19 Community Resources website includes a Community Resource Manual, comprehensive guidance for community partners who work with vulnerable populations 

Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE)  Addictions consultation and support by phone, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, Phone: 604-696-2131

People Who Use Substances​​ (BCCDC harm reduction and COVID-19 guidance) 

Substance Use: Harm Reduction and COVID-19 (FNHA short guide)

He​alth Ca​​r​​e​​ Facilities

COVID-19: Recommendations for Cleaning in Community Health Care Settings​ (FNHA guidance)

FNHA Housekeeping Manual for First Nations Community Health Facilities (Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, BC Region)  ​

British Columbia Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning for Prevention and Control of Infections in All Healthcare Settings and Programs (PICNet guide)

Infection P​​re​ve​​nt​​ion a​nd Control

Respiratory Protection for Health Care Workers Caring for Potential or Confirmed COVID-19 Patients (BCCDC and BC Ministry of Health fact sheet)

Infection Prevention & Control Measures for Client Transportation​ (FNHA guidance)​

Warning sign for health care facility entrance (FNHA poster)

Warning signs for Point of Care precaution: airborne, contact and droplet ​(PICNet website) 

What Is Risk Assessment? (PICNet decision flowchart poster)

Infection prevention and control for coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Interim guidance for acute healthcare settings (Public Health Agency of Canada guidance)​

Routine Practices and Additional Precautions for Preventing the Transmission of Infection in Healthcare Settings (Public Health Agency of Canada guidance​)​

Related Courses

The courses listed below are available on LearningH​​ub. If you do not have an account, you can register for one as an FNHA affiliate. Once on Learning Hub, please seach for the courses by name.  

Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Direct/Professional Clinical Care Providers | Provincial Hand Hygiene Basics​

Nursi​ng Practice

Advance Care Planning: Advance Care Planning d​uring COVID-19 (FNHA short guide)​ | Preparing for a Serious Illness Conversation: A Guide for Health Care Providers (BC Centre for Palliative Care and FNHA short guide)

Critical Care: Learning Modules for the Non-ICU Clinicican (FNHA factsheet about Society for Critical Care Medicine courses. Clinical courses include: Airway Assessment and Management | Airway Management | Critical Care for Older Adults | Diagnosis and Management of Acute Respiratory Failure | Diagnosis and Management of Shock | Mechanical Ventilation 1 | Mechanical Ventilation 2 | Recognition and Assessment of the Seriously Ill Patient

Diabetes: Diabetes Management and COVID-19 (FNHA short guide)

Home and Community Care: COVID-19 Toolkit​ (FNHA full guide for those providing essential services)​

Respiratory: Managing A​cute Respiratory Distress in Cases With Suspected Covid-19 (FNHA fact sheet) 

Sepsis: Sepsis Management​ (FNHA factsheet about LearningHub course Identifying and Responding to Sepsis)

Tube​​rcul​​​​osis (TB): Guidelines for DOT While Pra​​​cticing Social Distancing and Enhanced Hygiene Practices​ (FNHA TB Services guidance)​

Palliative Care: Palliative Care Checklist for Nurses​ (FNHA Fact Sheet)

Personal Pr​​ote​ctiv​​e Equi​pment (PPE)

​​Regional Healt​h Authorities Updates

Please connect with your local public health unit or BC ​Regional Health Authority for detailed information about COVID-19 in your area.​​​​​​​​​ See below for links to Medical Health Officer Upates and COVID-19 news and public health information by region. 

Frase​​r ​​H​​​ealth: Medical Health Officer Updates | COVID-1​9 news and public health information​

Inter​​io​​r ​​H​​​ealth: Medical Health Officer Updates | COVID-19 news and public health information

Island Health: Ministry of Health newsletters | COVID-19 news and public health information

Nort​​h​​e​​rn Health: Northern Health is directing health care professionals to the BCCDC COVID-19 Care website

Vanc​ouv​​er Co​​asta​​​l Health: Physicians' Update | COVID-19 news and public health information​​

 CD Consults and Help

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Toll-free phone: 
1-844-364-2232 (option 3)