Resources for Individuals and Families


​​​​​​Telephone Contact Information:

  • 1-855-344-3800: First Nations Virtual Doctor of the Day Program
  • 1-844-935-1044: FNHA's Quality Care and Safety Office
  • 1-855-550-5454: FNHA's Health Benefits Program
  • 1-800-663-9203: Mammography appointment booking with BC Cancer
  • 1-800-739-7367: Options for Sexual Health to find a clinic offering Pap tests
  • 1-877-70-COLON: To find a lab to get a FIT kit
  • 1-877-717-5864: Lung Screening Program
  • 1-888-590-3123: Tsow-Tun Le Lum Cultural Supports
  • 1-800-721-0066: Indian Residential School Survivors Society Cultural Supports
  • 1-800-588-8717: KUU-US 24/7 Indigenous Support Line
  • 310-6789 (No area code): 24/7 Mental Health Support Line
  • 8-1-1: Registered nurse or dietitian with HealthLink BC 


Email Contact Information:

Indigenous Cancer Patient Navigators:

FNHA's Quality Care and Safety Office: 

Web Links:

FNHA Cancer Web Page

BC Cancer Screening Information

BC Cancer Services for Indigenous People

Smoking Cessation Support – Talk Tobacco

Cancer Basics – YouTube 

Travel and Accommodation Contacts:

Cancer Resource​​s:

Health and Wellness Resources:

Tobacco Cessation Supports:

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