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For some First Nations people, preparing for the end-of-life journey at-home or returning to their community is very important. It can be a key part of their plan for their final journey to the Spirit World. To make this possible, wholistic support and care are needed.

In 2018, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) partnered with Douglas College to offer the Indigenous End-of-Life Guide Course (formerly End-of-Life Doula training) for community members who already do this work naturally in their communities and/or regions. The goal of the educational training is to add to their shared knowledge on working with the family, hospital, funeral home, and nurses, to support the wishes of the person journeying into the Spirit World.

Upon completion of the course, the person will have the skills to be an Indigenous End-of-Life Guide (IEOLG). These guides do not replace family or health care providers. Their role is to support the individual and family with their decisions, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Course Description

This course is ideal for Indigenous people, or people living in First Nations communities who will provide support, care or advocate for someone during the end-of-life journey. The course will provide a space to discuss the various elements of supporting someone throughout this journey. An Elder will co-facilitate with the instructor.

Participants from different First Nations Communities, along with an Elder/Knowledge Keeper, palliative care educator and cultural support worker gather in person or online for four days to do this important work.

To find out more about the role of the Indigenous End-of-Life Guide and how they can help support people and your community, watch the video here.

How do I Apply?

Please talk to your Health Director and complete an application form at the link here and submit via Email: or Fax: 604.666.0275

Each participant who completes the four-day course will receive a Recognition of Course Completion certificate.​

For individuals that would like to take the course and are not First Nations or do not support First Nations community, please contact Douglas College at the link here for more information.


To contact an IEOLG, reach out to your Health Director, community nurse or email the Chronic Disease and Serious Illness team at:​
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