Urban and Away-from-Home Health and Wellness


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The majority of First Nations people in BC live in urban areas or away from home. However, mainstream health services are not always accessible due to systemic, institutional, clinical and individual barriers. The FNHA has multiple roles as a service provider, funder, partner and advocate to support the health and wellness of all First Nations people in BC, regardless of where they live or access their health services.

The First Nations urban and away from ​home (UAH) population includes status and non-status First Nations people in BC who live in any of the following areas:

  • an urban area or city
  • a rural, remote or isolated area that is not in a First Nations community or on a reserve
  • a reserve that is away from their home community

UAH Engagement – We Want to Hear
from You!

FNHA_SSP_UAH_Graphic_Blue_Aug2022.pngThe First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is engaging with the UAH population, BC First Nations, urban Indigenous organizations and health system partners in each region. The goal of this work is to create and improve UAH engagement and communications pathways with our partners to support FNHA health and wellness planning.

UAH Engagement has launched and will take place throughout the province in-person and virtually beginning March 2023 in the Northern Region. For those unable to attend an in-person or virtual session, there is an online engagement survey available.

If you have any questions, please contact UAH@fnha.ca.

Programs, Services and R​esources

First Nations people living in urban areas and away from home have access to programs and services provided by the FNHA. See the FNHA home page for an overview of what we do or see the Related Links at the top of this page.​

Stay Up-to​-Date!

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The document Urban and Away from Home Health and Wellness Framework outlines high-level principles and strategic directions for expanding the scope and function of FNHA support for the urban and away-from-home population.

The “Framework at a Glance" illustration provides an overview of the three streams of the Framework and the key areas of work within each stream.

Survey Report

The FNHA ​conducted a survey to understand how First Nations people living in urban areas and away from home access health and wellness information.​​​

The results of the survey, described in the Urban and Away-from-Home Survey Results Report, will inform the development of communications and engagement strategies. The Summary of Survey Results document highlights key findings from the survey. 

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