What we do



The FNHA is committed to "Health through wellness" in its programs, services and initiatives. For an overview of our work, see FNHA Programs and Services 2020–2021

​​​Chief Medical Office – Read about the office of the CMO and the Watchmon role

Communicable Disease Control – Read about what the FNHA is doing to prevent and control prevalent communicable diseases

eHealth and Virtual Health – Read about the variety of virtual health care services that the FNHA offers to First Nations people in BC

Environmental Health – Read about what the FNHA is doing to care for and consider our environment – the land, air, water, food, housing and other resources

Funding Arrangements – Find guidance on FNHA Contribution Agreement Reports

Health and Wellness Planning – Find guidance on developing and submitting Community Health and Wellness Plans

Healthy Living – Read about what the FNHA is doing to support BC First Nations individuals, families, and communities in achieving health through wellness

Maternal, Child and Family Health – Read about FNHA programs that support maternal and child family health, including Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve, the Children's Oral Health Initiative, Early Childhood Development, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Videos for New Moms

Mental Wellness and Substance Use – Read about FNHA programs that support mental health and wellness, including information on non-medical cannabis, overdose prevention and harm reduction

Nursing Services – Read about FNHA's nursing services work in clinical and client care, home and community care and communicable disease control

Research, Knowledge Exchange, and Evaluation – Read about what the FNHA is doing to support the gathering and managing of knowledge that helps leaders and planners strengthen the health and wellness of BC First Nations

Traditional Healing – Read about what the FNHA is doing to support First Nations in protecting, incorporating and promoting their traditional medicines and practices​