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The First Nations Health Authority is pleased to release the first edition First Nations Health Benefits Information Package. This publication has essential and informative information about the First Nations Health Benefits program including principles, coverage, workflow for claims, appeals information, frequently asked questions, contact information and more.

This document intends to assist First Nations Health Benefits clients in navigating the system in an easy and convenient way. Information within covers the health benefits areas of dental, medical supplies and equipment, medical transportation, mental health, MSP, pharmacy, vision care, travel, general, and more.

Read, download and share the First Nations Health Benefits Information Package here. 


Under the First Nations Health Authority, eligibility for the FNHA Health Benefits program extends to include all First Nations people that are resident of British Columbia and have a status number (excluding persons who receive health benefits by way of a First Nations organization pursuant to self-government agreements with Canada). 

• Residency in BC is defined as having an active BC Care Card (or new BC Services Card) and living in BC. 

• Non-resident First Nations using health services in BC will continue to be covered by Health Canada. 

Eligible BC First Nations currently receiving health benefits through Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits program living in BC should already be enrolled. First Nations clients that have their MSP premiums paid by their employer or through another source, are encouraged to contact the Regional office (1.800.317.7878) to ensure they are on or added to the FNHA Eligibility List.

Obtaining a BC Care Card or BC Services Card

On February 15, 2013 the provincial government introduced the BC Services Card, which will be phased in over a five-year period. The new card replaces the CareCard and can be combined with the driver's licence. It is secure government issued identification that British Columbians can use to prove their identity and access provincially-funded health services. In the future, the BC Services Card will provide in-person and online access to other government services. Residents of BC can acquire, change or replace BC Care Cards, or BC Services Cards on the Ministry of Health website. Find the BC Medical Plan enrollment form specific for BC First Nations here

Guide to Mental Health Counselling Services

The purpose of this Guide is to outline the general and program-specific terms and conditions, criteria, guidelines and policies under which the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA), First Nations Health Benefits (FNHB) Short-Term Crisis Intervention Mental Health Counselling (STCIMHC) Benefit and the Individual and Family Counselling component of Indian Residential School (IRS) Resolution Health Support Program (RHSP) operate.

While the STCIMHC Benefit and IRS RHSP use the same provider enrolment process, it is important to note that the benefits differ from each other in regards to benefit delivery. This guide provides information about the benefits common requirements for mental health counselling provider enrolment and an overview of the STCIMHC Benefit and IRS RHSP in regards to:

• Client eligibility;

• Client responsibilities;

• Benefit coverage;

• Prior Approval Process;

• Claims Submission Process; and

• Procedure for Appeals.

In the event that this Guide does not address questions regarding general policies, processing of payment requests, or specific conditions, the provider should contact the First Nations Health Authority Health Benefits office.

Download the guide here PDF (310 KB)

Accessing Services Reimbursement

Learn about Health Canada's Non-Insured Health Benefit Recipient Reimbursement here and find additional questions and answers here.

Download a copy of the FNHA Client Reimbursement Request Form:

Client Reimbursement Form (PDF 123 kb)


Find information about Health Benefits Appeals here.

First Nations Health Authority Health Benefits Program 

Contact Information

Operations (Claims Specific)
Crisis Intervention – Mental Health
Medical supplies & Equipment
Medical Transportation
MSP Coverage
Operations - Claims
Toll Free: 1.800.317.7878
Fax: 1.888.299.9222

Operations – Dental Claims
Toll Free: 1.888.321.5003
Fax: 604.666.5815
General (Not Claim Specific)
Toll Free: 1.855.550.5454
In-person Inquiries
1166 Alberni Street,
Room 701, Vancouver BC
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