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People use cannabis and other substances for many reasons. Supporting people who use substances requires time, patience, and reflection, as represented by the Eagle, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Understanding why people use substances can provide health care providers with the tools to better support people along their healing journey. The FNHA is developing resources for health care providers to better support people who use substances along their healing journey. 

Introduction to Cannabis: Origins, Stigma, Cannabis Science and Consumption

  • Introduction to Cannabis is a resource that provides health care providers with an introduction to cannabis, including a discussion of the origins of cannabis, the stigma associated with substance use (and cannabis), cannabis science and consumption methods. Understanding how cannabis interacts in the body and mind provides a foundation for supporting individuals who use cannabis. 

Care through Connection: Cannabis Use across the Lifespan

  • Care through Connection is a resource that offers in-depth approaches on how to support individuals who use cannabis, with a focus on building relationships based on mutual respect and trust from a strength-based, culturally safe, trauma-informed approach. It specifically provides information and strategies on supporting youth, older adults (55+), and individuals who are looking to conceive, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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