Aboriginal Day of Wellness Social Media Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to the FNHA Aboriginal Day of Wellness Social Media Scavenger Hunt! The Social Media Scavenger Hunt is designed to showcase photos and video related to the 99 events happening across BC on Aboriginal Day!

Utilizing FNHA's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, our communications team will be monitoring, commenting, sharing, and driving the social media contest over the duration of the events. We will use the hashtag #fnhawellness.

Contest Duration

The Scavenger Hunt contest will begin on June 18th and end at midnight on June 23rd.  For participants and communities that would like to submit pictures and videos for the contest that do not have access to the Internet, alternative considerations will be made. Contact active@fnha.ca for more information.


Content will be judged for creativity and originality of the image uploaded.

Content will also be judged for quotes and more information given with an image. Participants will be entered to win one of the grand prizes: One of several FitBit Flex activity trackers. An activity tracker keeps track of your steps, sleep and distance walked.


In order to be considered for top prizes participants must complete at least 12 out of the 15 items on the scavenger hunt checklist below. You can also view the list on our social media pages and website.

On your Day of Wellness event please take part in our scavenger hunt by posting content on some of the following categories:

1. Selfie at breakfast- Start the day off with a smile! It's the Aboriginal Day of Wellness! Let's see those smiles! Let's see those healthy breakfasts!

2. Best Wellness Face. Go hard or go home.

We want to see your best intensity fitness face, send us your best Wellness-selfie!

3. Upload a pic of somebody playing (traditional) music. Watching some great drumming or dancing on NAD? Post a picture!

4. Connect to your Active Spirit and post your best active shot!

How do you like to move? Can you bear walk? Practice crane technique? Maybe your running style is floppy like a fish? Your best Slahal move? Your best action shot pose or best sports shot - Basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, baseball or any sport you're playing on Aboriginal Day.

5. Post a picture with FNHA swag on.

Do you have any FNHA swag? We want to see it! Do you have a water bottle, sticker t-shirt or any items with the FNHA thunderbird on it? Post a pic of it in action!

6. Tweet your favorite part of National Aboriginal Day.

What does NAD mean to you? Let's hear it people! Don't forget to tag it with #fnhawellness

7. Tradition/Culture. Look good, play good. How do you practice your culture? What do you wear to show off your culture? Moccasin runners? Cedar hat? Your favourite canoe paddle?

8. What is your motivation/inspiration?

Take a picture or post your favorite quote of something that makes you strive for wellness. What drives you? We want you to show us!

9. Animals and fitness.

Get a picture of those active animals! What are your pets doing today to stay active?

10. Land and environment. Let's see those traditional plants and trees. What is beautiful and grows wild in your territory? Do you have somewhere or something from the land that inspires you?

11. Play hard, eat hard.

Take a picture of some traditional food. Fish, berries, Indian ice cream, bannock or any traditional food you can find.

12. Best dirty, sweaty or messy picture. Did you play hard today? Covered in mud? We want to see it!

13. Take a picture of your healthy buddy team. The Crew. Friends. Strangers. Take a big group photo to remember this year's summer wellness celebration!

14. Selfie with an elder and a story.

Ask an elder to share a story or joke with you and be sure to capture the moment.

15. How do you stay hydrated? Water for the Win! Did you drink eight glasses of water today? How do you like to cool down? Do you have an FNHA water bottle? Post a photo of it in action!

Important links

First Nations Health Authority Website: www.fnha.ca

Aboriginal Day of Wellness info page: http://www.fnha.ca/about/news-and-events/events/aboriginal-day-of-wellness

Read this posting in PDF format here.

Download a print-friendly version of the list here.