The Search for FNHA’s next Chief Executive Officer Begins


​The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Board has begun the process of choosing its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The deadline for applications is October 28, 2020

We encourage all applicants to contact the executive search team of Laurie Sterritt or Robin Noftall at Leaders International:

Laurie Sterritt, Partner


Robin Noftall, Sr. Search Associate​

604-688-8422 x1

 The FNHA Board, employees and several external groups have provided their input about the leadership characteristics they think are the most important. And over 300 respondents identified attributes, competencies and skills they would like to see in the next CEO, including: 

• The ability to increase First Nations decision making and control over their own health care through engaging First Nations people, communities and governance structures

• A deep understanding of BC First Nations Health Governance and First Nations governance structures

• Extensive familiarity with BC traditions, cultures and histories

• Firmly grounded in the principles and recommendations of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Safety and Humility and the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions's Report and Calls to Action 

In addition, the most valued Leadership Characteristics identified for the new CEO were:

• Leads with values, integrity and ethics

• Inspires teamwork, collaboration and cooperation

• Is politically savvy

• Has strong decision-making abilities

• Mentors and develops personnel 

For more information about the role, please visit Leaders International for the announcement of the FNHA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role and view further details about the role

The FNHA Board is looking forward to finding its next CEO to join our historic journey. When you work with us, you make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. 

FNHA is the first organization of its kind in Canada, blazing the trail to better health and culturally safe services for BC First Nations people and communities. With a unique governing structure and mandate, FNHA's dynamic work environment offers the means to play an active role creating change and contributing to BC's history.​

We recognize and celebrate the diversity of all BC First Nations, Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit peoples. We promote the cultural safety and humility of every employee to support understanding. Our holistic approach to wellness, based on First Nations teachings, is incorporated into all aspects of work culture.

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