The 30x30 Active Challenge Ends Today, but We Encourage You to Keep Going!



A message from the FNHA Wellness Team

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the FNHA's 30x30 ​Active​ Challenge! It was so great to see everyone aiming to meet their commitment to being active for at least 30 minutes each of the 30 days of June.​

We know that for some, 30 minutes of physical activity daily may be challenging to attain, so we celebrate everyone's achievements whether it was participating for 30 minutes for all 30 days or 30 minutes for three days this month. Remember – progress, not perfection. Now let's keep going and build on what we've done so far!

At the beginning of June, the FNHA's CEO, Richard Jock, and CMO, Dr. Shannon McDonald, shared with other First Nations people living in BC about their chosen forms of movement – lunchtime walks and gardening, respectively. They and the other wellness champions at the FNHA will continue to prioritize daily movement / exercise, and encourage you to do so as well.  

Throughout the month, the FNHA Wellness Team shared information about tools and resources created by our incredible partners, the Indigenous Sport Physical Activity and Recreation Council (ISPARC). These include engaging, informative, full-body workout videos for people at all fitness levels through ISPARC's FitNation program.

Three of the videos were developed especially for office workers, Elders, people who are less mobile, or people who do not have exercise equipment at home. In them, Elder Alex Nelson and FitNation leader Amanda de Faye guide viewers through a series of chair exercises sharing wisdom and laughter. Please continue to make use of these free, wonderful resources:

The FNHA Wellness Team also interviewed community wellness champions so we could all learn about how other First Nations people in BC keep healthy and active.  Todd Alec, who is a father, family doctor, and wellness champion, shared how his commitment to his passions and hobbies keep him active because he is doing what he loves. He recommended including your loved ones in your activities if possible to keep you and them engaged and motivated. Lastly, he reminded us that it is important to maintain balance!

Congratulations again to all participants of the 30x30 Active Challenge. Let's keep this going! To continue on your physical activity journey beyond the month of June, here are some tools to support you"

  1. FNHA's Wellness Roadmap – This workbook can support you to determine your wellness goals and plan strategies for accomplishing them.
  2. FNHA's Health and Wellness Daily Organizer – This daily organizer is intended to support you in tracking your wellness activities for all four wellness streams: Being Active, Eating Healthy, Nurturing Spirit, and Respecting Tobacco. To order a physical copy of this daily organizer, please email
  3. FNHA's webpage, Being Active.
  4. Our partner, the ISPARC offers webinars, training and physical health education opportunities you can access by visiting the ISPARC Events Page.  You can learn about the ISPARC's Indigenous RunWalk program, FitNation training and the Healthy Leader Training by visiting their Healthy Living Page.​

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