Good Medicine: Laughter! We all need some laughs right now


​Help us all heal together by sharing some quarantine humour!


A message from the Wellness Team, FNHA Office of the Chief Medical Officer

Humour is one of the main coping mechanisms people use to get through tough times. Which is why “Native humour" is one of our strengths / special gifts as Indigenous people – we've had a lot of practice using it!

Joking around is not making light of the situation, but simply helping us soothe our distress and feel better. As the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine."

So, please share with us your favourite funny pandemic-related stories / photos / memes / jokes / links to comedy sketches or musical parodies. Help us all heal together with the good medicine of laughter!! Use the hashtag: #GoodMedicineFNHA

And check out some of the funny stuff BC First Nations have shared online:

Follow Lilet and Soogah, two crazy grannies who like to break the rules.  The duo have videos that include working as rez-security at the Nak'azdli check point. 


In March, Justin Young and Justine Manuel shared a video that went viral. Justine, who is from Upper Nicola, and Justin, who is Anishinaabe, shaved each other's eyebrows as incentive to stay home during the pandemic.


Loni Martin went live on Facebook to cut her own hair while apologizing to her hairdresser. Her humorous video received numerous LOLs and laughing emojis, as well as more than 190 comments from friends and family with words of encouragement and tips.


Jordie John​son shared a funny photo reminding people to wash their hands. The photo includes a visit from the ghost of Germy-Hands-Past. Good extra-clean fun!


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