New 5-bed Recovery House in Esk'etemc First Nation opened in January 2019


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The philosophy at the Letwilc Ren Semec Centre is 'healing within yourself'. Indigenous culture is an important part of the centre's approach and the small-but-mighty three-person team that runs the centre connects with clients through heartfelt understanding, compassion, and empathy. 

Letwilc, one of the very few Indigenous recovery houses in BC, is unique in that its healing programs are tailor-made for each client. “We don't have one program that people need to fit themselves into. The program fits the individual – whatever they need at that particular point in their lives," explains Laurie Brown, Life Skills Worker at Letwilc Ren Semec Centre.

“The longest journey in a person's life is going to be 18 inches – from the head to the heart. At Letwilc, we focus on the journey of the heart," adds Laurie.

Clients come to stay at Letwilc for up to 6 months after completing an alcohol or drug treatment program. The centre's aim is for clients to connect with their inner selves and better understand the roots of their addiction so that they can move along their healing path. Clients also learn skills to help them reintegrate into community, such as applying for jobs, going back to school, and parenting skills.

The centre provides a safe and nurturing place for people to call home during their recovery. First Nations ceremony and culture are incorporated into each day. Traditional activities include smudging, sweats, medicine picking, reconnecting with the land, and more.

Letwilc Ren Semec Centre is located in the beautiful Alkali Lake Valley, 50 km from Williams Lake.

To learn more about the centre watch this video and visit the centre's website

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