The Sober(er) For October Challenge is on Now



Rethink your drink! The Sober(er) Challenge is an opportunity for us to look at the role of alcohol in our lives. It's also a time to learn more about how alcohol impacts our health and what alternatives we may enjoy instead. What's the 'challenge', exactly? That's entirely up to you. Learn more:

Why Sober(er)? We put the '(er)' in sober(er) to be inclusive and to encourage more people to make informed decisions about alcohol consumption and their health – not only people who want to be 'sober' but also people who want to reduce their drinking. Read more here:

Let's talk about drinking! We know talking about drinking habits with friends, family and loved ones can be complicated and challenging. Taking a wholistic approach to engaging in conversations focuses on relationship and connection. It ensures a person feels safe and not judged. Learn some helpful conversation tips here:

What kinds of supports do we need when we are trying to be sober(er)? People need non-judgmental, safe spaces. People need unconditional love and people need healthy alternatives. Read the full article here:

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