Help Us Name the New Medical Transportation Administrative System



Hello and welcome from the FNHA Health Benefits and Services team!

This is a survey to help us name our new Medical Transportation (MT) administrative system.

Draw Prize

Respondents to this survey will be automatically entered into a draw for a $50 Amazon gift card.

FNHA staff are invited to respond but are not eligible for the draw prize.

What is the Medical Transportation Administrative System?

The Medical Transportation (MT) program is undergoing a digital transformation as part of the MT Transformation Project. The new system will improve client access to MT services while enhancing the privacy and security of client data.

Developed in partnership with our solution partner, Bright Health, the new system will reduce the administrative and reporting burden of patient travel administrators in community. It will also save time and effort while making the process of coordinating travel more efficient. Ultimately, we believe this will enhance client experience with the MT program wherever they are receiving services from.

Choosing a name

We are now seeking submissions to help choose the name of this new system which we aim to launch in 2023.

Criteria for naming:​​​

  • Relevant to First Nation culture(s)
  • Linked to the idea of travel and/or wellness
  • Culturally safe
  • Able to be spelled with standard keyboard characters so that it can be easily typed into a web browser

We invite your submission through our online survey on or before Oct.​ 15, 2022. We look forward to hearing your suggestions!​

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