Thunderbird Partnership Foundation Leads the Way for Culturally Grounded Training Across Canada


​The Train-the-Trainer program expands access to culturally based training for substance use and mental wellness support​


​The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation recently showcased their Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program at Healing Our Spirit Worldwide (HOSW), shedding light on their mission to create a network of regional First Nations trainers to address substance use and mental wellness support for First Nations communities in Canada

As Dr. Jessica Ford, Training Coordinator, Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, described during her workshop at HOSW, the TTT is more than just a training course; it's a transformative movement rooted in First Nations culture and values. Dr. Ford's Thunderbird colleagues, Jody-Anne Henry, Instructional Design and Development Specialist, and Mary Deleary, Training Education Manager, also presented during the workshop.

Culturally grounded training

At the heart of Thunderbird's training courses is a culture-as-foundation approach, coupled with strength-based and trauma-informed perspectives. This unique blend ensures that training is not just informative but also deeply respectful of the cultural heritage and experiences of First Nations people.

The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation's goal is to build a national network of regional First Nations trainers who can deliver their certified curriculum across Canada. This is driven by their vision to increase the capacity of First Nations communities to access certified substance use and mental health training and, in turn, support their community members effectively.

Thunderbird's training is designed to be inclusive and engaging. It incorporates First Nations teaching concepts and ensures that First Nations values are woven into every aspect of the training.

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For those seeking to make a difference in First Nations communities, Thunderbird offers a path to empowerment, support and healing. Available courses include Land for Healing, Wise Practices for Life Promotion, Cannabis Education for First Nations, Community Crisis Response and more.

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