The Flu Shot is About Keeping Yourself and Your Community Safe



Did you know? The flu shot is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting the flu shot is one of the best ways to keep healthy during the pandemic and can help prevent you and your community from becoming seriously ill.

Due to the pandemic, the health care system is experiencing some of its highest utilization, demand and pressure on record. For the sake of everyone in our communities, and around the province, it's important that we don't add any more hospitalizations as a result of the flu—especially when it's preventable with the flu shot.

Many rural and remote First Nations communities have limited capacity for hospitalization so reducing the need for hospital beds can be done by getting immunized.

Flu Facts

You do not need to delay getting your flu shot until you receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose. In fact, in many clinics you can get them both at the same time!

Even the healthiest people can become seriously ill from the flu, and that puts everybody at risk. To protect yourself from the flu, follow the same general practices you would for COVID-19:

  • Get your flu shot as soon as possible
  • Avoid touching your face and cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. For safety, wear a face mask in public spaces
  • Practice safer social interactions whenever you can
  • Stay home if you feel sick


For many First Nations communities, the winter season is usually a time of ceremony and gatherings. This year, with the dual risks of COVID-19 and the flu, we urge you to take extra precautions especially if those at highest risk of severe disease and complications, including Elders and children, are attending.

The Flu Shot is Safe for everyone

The flu shot undergoes rigorous testing before approval and is safe for all ages and health conditions, and effectively prevents transmission.

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