Reports of Monkeypox Cases in Canada


This news story was originally posted June 1 and updated on June 7 based on new information.


In May 2022, the Public Health Agency of Cana​da reported cases of monkeypox in Canada.

Monkeypox is a relatively rare disease caused by monkeypox virus. The first human case of monkeypox was reported in 1970 in the region of central Africa. Since then, monkeypox has been reported in people in central and western Africa.

As a zoonotic disease (an infectious disease that can infect some animals as well as humans), it is typically transmitted to people from animals, however an infected person can spread it to another person through close contact.

To date (June 7, 2022), one case of monkeypox infection has been identified in BC. Public Health has determined that there is no risk to the BC public at this time.

For frequently asked questions related to disease symptoms, transmission, and prevention, please view this information sheet:

For additional information related to monkeypox and preventative measures in BC, please visit:
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