Emergency Preparedness Means Being Ready for Anything



It is Emergency Preparedness Week this week (May 2-8) and this year's theme is “Be ready for anything."

Natural disasters and other emergencies can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. It's important to take steps to become prepared to face a range of emergencies. The first step in this process is always recognizing that emergency preparedness “Starts with me!"

To help prepare your family and community it's helpful to remember these three key actions:

Hazards can be naturally occurring, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, or human caused, like hazardous material spills. Knowing seasonal and year-round hazards that may affect you, your family and your community is an important step in preparing for an emergency.

Disasters can potentially leave you and your family stuck in your house for several days. You may also need to leave your home immediately. Having an emergency kit to stay and a grab-and-go bag ready can help you through both options.

Planning for you, your family and your community prior to an emergency can give you peace of mind. An emergency plan outlines how you respond to an emergency and will help keep you focused and safe.

Prep​ar​edBC and GetPrepared have a range of resources available to help get you started in emergency preparedness.

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