FNHA ‘Run Until Cold’ Campaign Aimed At Cleaner Drinking Water



Running until cold at the Sts’ailes First Nations Daycare.​

​We know that access to safe drinking water is essential to human health and is particularly important in the development of children and infants.

The First Nation Health Authority's Drinking Water Safety Program supports access to safe drinking water by working in partnership with First Nations communities throughout BC.

Sometimes, tap water can contain small amounts of lead and copper, which can have long-term health effects during the early years for infants and children. That risk can be reduced by running cold water for 15 to 30 seconds before drinking.

You can also use your hand (or wrist, which is more sensitive) to feel if the water is cold. Lukewarm water may indicate it has been sitting in the pipes and may contain some of these contaminants.

If you'd like to encourage people to “Run Until Cold" in your community, you can download these posters, which are designed with various ages in mind. The posters contain photos of adults and children drinking water at the Sts'ailes First Nations daycare.

For any questions about clean drinking water or concerns about water quality in your community, you can reach out to your FNHA Environmental Health Officer at environmental.health@fnha.ca.​

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