Cybersecurity Incident


First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is currently investigating a cybersecurity incident.

On May 13, FNHA became aware of unusual activity on its corporate network. We took immediate action to investigate this activity and intercepted an unauthorized entity who had gained access to our corporate network. We immediately deployed countermeasures to block the unauthorized entity's access and prevent any further unauthorized activity. There was no encryption of FNHA's servers or systems as a result.

FNHA also immediately engaged third-party cybersecurity experts to assist with containment and remediation and to conduct a forensic investigation to determine the extent and scope of this incident. We have also reported this incident to law enforcement and to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia.

While the investigation is still at an early stage, FNHA has uncovered evidence that certain employee information and limited personal information of others has been impacted. FNHA has taken and continues to take immediate action to issue required notifications to impacted individuals and to otherwise provide support.   

FNHA has no evidence that this cyber incident has impacted any clinical information systems it uses.  

FNHA has no evidence that this cyber incident is in any way connected to other cyber incidents in British Columbia that have recently received media attention.

The ongoing investigation is the utmost priority for FNHA. We are working diligently, around the clock, to resolve this matter in a safe and secure manner.​

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