Youth-focused “Real Faces” Vaccine Campaign Launched by FNHA


​People behind FNHA's pandemic work help strengthen vaccine messaging


In an effort to connect with Indigenous people who are not yet vaccinated, the First Nations Health Authority is continuing to create public health awareness approaches to meet people where they are.

For the first time, actual FNHA staff are part of the campaign – some of the “real faces" who are actively involved in the pandemic response themselves, as we all work together to try and improve vaccine uptake and acceptance, and outcomes for Indigenous people in BC.

Everyone involved in the Real Faces campaign has been fully vaccinated, including the people you see, and those you don't. The entire crew behind the scenes who worked on the photo shoot and the creative process from start to finish were also fully vaccinated. They were selected to be involved in the project in part because they had already chosen to protect themselves and others by getting both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The new campaign was developed with a specific focus on people aged 50 and under, and especially youth in the 18-29 demographic, which currently has the lowest vaccination rates for both first and second doses. The campaign has a slight skew toward males, as those in the youth demographic are lagging significantly in vaccination uptake, with men overall trailing behind women in all age groups.

Social media will be the primary pathway to reach target audiences with some print ads appearing in certain publications. Posters will also be distributed to First Nations communities throughout British Columbia.

Download the "Real Faces" posters here​.

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