Sober(er) for October 2019


​​​Rethink your drink


Sober(er) for October is back again! At FNHA we believe this event is a great opportunity for us to look at the role of alcohol in our lives – how much, how often and why do we consume it? This campaign is about helping us reflect on these questions and learning more about how alcohol impacts our health and what alternatives we may enjoy instead.

Above all, we hope you'll join our challenge. What's the challenge? That's entirely up to you. How do you want to challenge yourself this month? You could decide to:

 drink alcohol only on weekends or only particular weekdays

 limit how many drinks you have at a given time

 try and stop drinking altogether this month

 Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

 Be alcohol-free and decide to be a designated driver and support your friends

 pair up with a friend and create a challenge to do together

There are as many challenges as there are people so take a moment to create the challenge that is right for you this October. We'll be here to support you in whatever goal you set for yourself by providing regular messages and resources related to alcohol and your health throughout the month.

Please comment on the messages and information that we share via our social media channels. You can also ask us any questions that you have. Do share your stories and experiences during Sober(er) for October 2019 – we want to hear from you! Remember to use the hashtags #SobererforOctober and​ #FNHAwellness.

In wellness,


Your team of Physicians at the FNHA

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer

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