Update on COVID-19 Testing Protocols



Testing is now available for everyone who needs it. If symptoms appear, self-isolate and call your health care provider or 8-1-1 for guidance. You can use this easy self-assessment tool from the BC provincial government https://bc.thrive.health/ to help determine whether you or a loved one need further assessment or testing for COVID-19.

COVID-19 is tested using a “standard swab" – a long Q-tip that scrapes cells from the very back of the nose or throat. These swabs are sent to a laboratory for testing. Click on the links below for a list of collection centres (i.e., testing site locations) in BC to find one near you. You can also call 8-1-1, your family doctor or your community health nurse to find the nearest collection centre.

 Collection centre finder (for mobile and desktop)

 Collection centre finder  (for Internet Explorer)

If you need to be tested for COVID-19 and you cannot get to the testing location on your own, please call the BC Ambulance non-emergency line at 604-872-5151 for help travelling to the testing location.

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