FNHA supports Trans Care BC’s ‘We Are Allies’ campaign



​This week, Trans Care BC launched its We Are Allies campaign, created in response to the increased spread of misinformation targeting gender-affirming care for Two-Spirit, trans and non-binary youth – and the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a proud supporter. A team from FNHA also supported the creation of some of the Indigenous materials and videos.

“We're thrilled to be a part of this campaign and to recognize the role Two-Spirit, trans and non-binary people, like myself, play within our communities and Nations," says Wayne Wallace director of Urban and Away from Home. “I encourage people to take this opportunity to lift up this information and stand with anyone who is or has come out as Two-Spirit, trans or non-binary."

The 6-week campaign works to instill pride in Two-Spirit, trans and non-binary youth while using an evidence-based approach to address misinformation.

The We Are Allies website includes numerous resources;

The FNHA will be supporting and promoting We Are Allies both internally and externally – follow our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) and the We Are Allies social media (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) to stay up-to-date with the campaign.

As online campaigns can only go so far, FNHA will be taking part in Trans Care BC's Trusted Messenger Pilot which will see FNHA walk the talk by engaging with Indigenous communities face-to-face and sharing the We Are Allies messaging in culturally-grounded ways.

The FNHA launches 2S/LGBTQQIA+ webpage 

At the end of June the FNHA launched a 2S/LGBTQQIA+ webpage. On it are resources, information on accessing gender-affirming care, programs and organizations as well as online resources and further learning.

Curious about what the “/" in “2S/LGBTQQIA+" means? The FNHA has chosen to include a “/" in the acronym 2S/LGBTQQIA+ to distinguish Two-Spirit identities from Western and LGBTQQIA+ identities which may not reflect the cultural, historical and spiritual dimensions. Learn more about our choice here.

To learn more about the FNHA's commitment, please visit our website or come say “hi!" during Vancouver Pride!

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