Happy Mother’s Day to all First Nations Mothers in BC!



​​A message from Dr. Nel Wieman, FNHA Chief Medical Officer; and Duanna Johnston-Virgo, Executive Director, Mental Health & Wellness

​Mother's Day is approaching (Sunday, May 12), and on behalf of the First Nations Health Authority, we send our respects and well wishes to all First Nations mothers in BC. ​We are both proud First Nations mothers and are looking forward to enjoying the day with our loved ones. We hope you will be able to do so too!

We believe that First Nations mothers, grandmothers, aunties, mother figures and matriarchs deserve to be honoured and celebrated every day, not just on Mother's Day! We are the keepers of culture and language, protectors of our lands and water​s, experienced harvesters and hunters, and so much more. We are essential to the well-being of our communities and our cultures.

As the Heiltsuk Women's Declaration in the FNHA's Sacred and Strong Report about the health and wellness journeys of First Nations women in BC states, “We are the mothers who give birth to our Nation. We are the mothers who bring future generations into bei​ng. We are the lifeblood of our people. We are the grandmothers and mothers and daughters, the aunties and nieces, the sisters of our Nation. We make our Nation rich. We come from the matriarchy and our womanhood is a blessing."

Mother's Day is a wonderful time to remember the women who have contributed to our lives in different ways – from passing on cultural knowledge and skills to teaching us to be proud of our ancestry and rise above racism. These incredible women are instrumental in helping us all move forward on our individual and collective health and wellness journeys.​

We hold up our hands to all the mothers and mother figures who have helped pave​​ the way and celebrate them for raising families, being role models and leaders, and helping to keep communities strong and resilient. 


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