Celebrating Grandparents’ Day



Grandparents' Day is on Sunday! Please tag the FNHA on social media with photos of yourself or your children spending time with grandparents! Dr-Shannon-McDonald.jpg

Message from Dr. Shannon McDonald, FNHA Chief Medical Officer

(and proud grandmother/kokum!) 

Grandparents are known for doting on their grandchildren, and I am no exception! Many grandparents and grandchildren are blessed with special relationships with each other. 

For me, having my three grandchildren is one of the most wonderful things about growing older! They're just so precious and fun to be with. Plus, I get to put to use the things I learned while raising my children. 

This Grandparents' Day, let's celebrate all First Nations grandparents as not only helpers, caretakers or guardians of grandchildren, but as keepers and stewards of First Nations knowledge – and some, as Elders and community leaders. Each of these roles is vital to the health and wellness of First Nations families and communities. 

I hope you get the chance to spend time with the grandparents in your family or at least phone them if you're far away! May we also remember with love those who have gone before us, and honour their lives and teachings.​


Beloved Grandmothers now in the Spirit World: Vina Christoff and Virginia Lalonde.


Caleb Christoff and Grandma Vina

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